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Get involved with volunteering abroad

Immerse yourself in a foreign country.

Get to know a new culture.

Gain experience in an intercultural context.

With volunteer work in Namibia or Uganda we enable our volunteers to work on social projects and the chance to discover the countries in a very special way. With your work as a volunteer and in direct cooperation with the local project coordinators, you contribute to improving the local situation step by step.

  • are at least 18 years old,
  • commit to a minimum of 4 weeks,
  • have a very good command of English,
  • can handle children well,
  • like to immerse yourself in a new culture and you are willing to learn something new,
  • are a flexible and adaptable person who generally is able to cope when things don’t go as planned,
  • are a team player,
  • have strong organizational and interpersonal skills,
  • may already have experience in conducting workshops, trainings, presentations

These are the most important points.

Are you visiting Africa for the first time? Then we advise you to go to Namibia. Why? The project (Endelela Program) is experienced in dealing with young volunteers; the children are very open-minded and Namibia is relatively safe and easy to travel. Surely you want to see something of the country, that’s easy to organize in Namibia. In addition, a township in Namibia is something different than a slum in Uganda.


Have you been to Africa before? Then why not visiting Uganda. The children’s home (Karibu Academy) is not located in the slum, but many activities take place in the parish “New Jersualem” – the church is located in the middle of the slum Kisenji.


Important to know: We are a small NGO and can not pay for your work, your food and/or travel expenses (including insurance fees). But we promise: you will have the time of your life when working in one of the projects.

  • You should contact us at least six months before you wish to leave for your assignment abroad. Tell us which project you are interested in.
  • In an e-mail, communicate your strengths and let us know how you want to get involved with the chosen project.
  • Attach your CV in English.

We will have a preliminary short interview with you to get to know you better. Our board will decide whether or not we will recommend you to the local project managers in Namibia/Uganda. In case of a recommendation, we will forward your CV to them. Usually, their final answer takes about a week.


In case of a positive response, we are happy to give you advice in terms of visa issues, addresses for accommodation, project contacts and travel and health insurance. Please do not forget to inquire in time about necessary vaccinations.

  • You respect local people.
  • You are creative and independent, you come up with ideas that you discuss with the local management. You are kindly asked to write at least one article with photos and/or videos for our website (for stays longer than four weeks more material would be good). Posts for social media channels should be discussed with the local management.
  • In case of questions regarding your stay or any issues that might come up, you are kindly asked to contact us ASAP (via e-mail, phone, Signal Messenger, etc.) and/or review these issues with the local management.
  • You identify with our association’s values and beliefs. Of course, we would be very happy if you become a member.

Upon successful completion of your volunteer work you will receive a certificate in German and English. If desired, we can organize a debriefing (by telephone or face-to-face). Clearly you are welcome to inform your friends about your volunteer experience, the project itself and the association Friends 4 Friends e. V.. Handing over photos and/or videos made during your stay always makes us very happy as we can use them as communications material.

  • The volunteer is responsible for the entire organization of your volunteer experience as well as the stay abroad. The NGO Friends 4 Friends e. V. assumes no responsibility nor liability.
  • We do not charge any money for placing you in one of our projects. Any costs related to the volunteer experience is on the volunteer herself/himself (such as health/travel insurance, tickets, vaccinations, visa, etc.).
  • As we do have organizational and administrative tasks for placing volunteers, we would be happy receiving a small donation (guideline figure about EUR 50.-). You can use our online donation form.